How to Sell a Used Car

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How to Sell a Used Car

There are a few ways one can go about selling a used car, below we’ll discuss a few of the different options.

List a Car for Sale in Your Local Newspaper

You could decide to list your car for sale in your local newspaper for a few weeks. Selling your car in the newspaper can be quite costly and usually you’re only allowed one small photo of your car in the ad. With more people online now than ever, if you want the most exposure you’ll need to list your car on the internet.

Post Your Car for Sale on Your Facebook Wall

How to Sell a Used Car Online
Posting your car to your friends and family is another option, however you will only be informing a small amount of people about your car and they may not be in the market to buy a car. Plus you wouldn’t want to sell a lemon to a friend or family as they will always be complaining about it. It’s better to clearly state the condition of the car so this doesn’t happen.

List Your Car for Sale on Ebay

Ebay is an auction website where you can list heaps of different stuff for a set price or put it up for auction. I don’t know about you, but for me auctions can be a hassle to set up and can sometimes cause pressure to over bid on an item that is not worth it. Also you usually don’t get to see the car until you have paid for it. I would like to add, that I have made many smaller purchases from Ebay sellers and have been satisfied with the product and the service Ebay provides.

List Your Car for Sale on CarSales

CarSales is a well-known website for selling cars and they have over two hundred thousand cars for sale. With that many cars for sale you might feel like you are just another number waiting to sell your car. At Used Car Site we want serve you and your needs and always try our best to listen to your feedback so we can improve our service. We’ll talk more about Used Car Site on the next page. CarSales has many people visiting their website so your car may sell in just a few weeks. Lately their website has become quite cluttered and the selling options have become a little confusing. Let me explain, they now offer the ability for you to exclusively receive offers for your car from dealerships in your area or you can switch it over so your car ad is visible to the public. Carsales currently allows you to list your car for sale on their website for between $60 and $110.

Sell a Car on Used Car Site

Listing a car for sale on Used Car Site is easy, quick and inexpensive (much, much, much cheaper). We’ll discuss more details and how to sell a used car on Used Car Site further on the next page.