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How to Sell my Car

You may be asking, how do I go about selling my car? Or the shorter version, how to sell my car? Well, there are a few different ways you can go about selling your car. Let me go over a few of your options.

Firstly choose between listing your car in print media or online. When I refer to print media I am talking about placing flyers in your local supermarket or in your local newspaper. For me the easy answer is to list your car for sale online. Selling your car online will get a lot more attention and people who are actually interested in your particular car for sale.

Oh, you will also need to give the car a nice wash and take some photos of it while it’s shining like a diamond. These photos will eventually be attached to the ad that you produce online. Back to your options of where to list your car for sale.

“I have tried selling my car on Facebook by posting it on my wall, but I have recieved no interest.” I’ve heard this many times. Posting your car advertisement to your friends and family on Facebook doesn’t usually get much interest because the people who see the ad are not looking to buy a car.

Trading Your Car in at a Dealership
A dealership may offer you the option of trading your current car in so you get a discount on the next car you purchase from that dealership. The dealership mostly always wins in this situation as they have not only sold a car but they always low ball you on the trade-in price for your current car. Once they acquire your car from you for a rock bottom price, they often give it a nice clean and list the car for sale for a lot more than what they paid you for it.

Listing Your Car on CarSales
CarSales is a big brand in Australia. CarSales is a website where you can list your car for sale. They charge $60 to $110 to list your car for sale on their site.

Listing Your Car For Sale on Used Car Site
Used Car Site is the greatest place for you to list you car for sale on the internet. Click below to head to the next page to hear a bit more about Used Car Site.