Selling a Used Car

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Selling a Used Car

In Australia, selling a used car can be an easy process. We’ll go over a few of the different ways one can go about selling their car.

One could try printing out a flyer and stick it up on the work or shopping centre notice board. This method does not get much attention as it is only seen by people passing by and the people who do stop to notice your flyer may not be looking for a car.

One could try posting that their car is for sale on their Facebook wall, although they would be in a similar situation as stated above.

CarSales is a website where you can list your car for sale. Creating an ad for your car on their site can cost between $60 to $110. The process of selling a car on their website has become a little confusing with them introducing a strange new method of offering dealers the ability to bid on your car.

Selling a used car on Used Car Site is quick, easy and inexpensive. It doesn’t take long to list your car for sale and is much cheaper than the alternatives. Find out more about Used Car Site on the next page.