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Top 5 Car Selling Sites

So you are interested in finding some car selling sites, in other words, sites where you can sell your car. You are in the right place.

5. The Trading Post

There are a few sites that sell not only cars, but everything from second hand clothes to furniture. These are alright but are not solely focused on cars. The good old Trading Post. I grew up with the Trading Post and every week it was published each one of my family members would say, “When you are done with that, I’ll take a look at it.” Even if you weren’t looking for something specifically, finding a bargain is always a treat.

4. Gumtree

Gumtree is another website that sells everything from a to z. While you can list your car for sale, they are not just about cars. I have sold a few items one Gumtree and the process was quite easy. They do say their service is free but as you are placing your item ad, they have many extra paid options to make your ad stand out from the crowd. Also, after so many hours of your item being listed for sale, they restrict the seller from adjusting the price or description, yep that is an extra fee.

3. eBay

eBay is a great website where you can buy anything you so desire. Well not anything… There are a lot of items that are posted from China that are dirt cheap. I still don’t know how you can purchase a hair accessory product for $2 and they deliver it for free? I have made many purchases of products from eBay and their service of creating a smooth transaction is just that, smooth and effortless.

2. CarSales

If you list your car on CarSales, it is sure to sell. They are the biggest car selling website in Australia. They charge between $60 to $110 to list your car for sale. They have recently introduced a confusing feature where one can choose to exclusively show dealers your car for sale and then car dealers can enquirer about your car. Or alternatively you may flick a switch and then you will be showing your car ad to the public. It just seems odd to me.

1. Used Car Site

Listing a car for sale on Used Car Site is easy, quick and inexpensive (cheaper then a McDonalds meal). Find out more about why Used Car Site is in the top position by checking out the next page.